You’re Already on the Right Path;
Ready for Even More Growth?

You have started investing in your law firm’s success, and now you have a chance to let it reach unprecedented heights, getting closer and closer to earning those coveted 7 figures.

For Estate Planning Attorneys who are looking to stand out from the crowd and have explosive levels of growth, we introduce to you our sister company, Headline Act.

Compare FIRESIDE vs Headline Act

Is One Service No Longer Enough?

With FIRESIDE, you’re getting some of the best deals for starting on your marketing journey and amplifying your brand. But if you’re getting the same results event after event, campaign after campaign, you might need to expand your services.

By not using all of the tools at your disposal, you’re bound to find yourself on a plateau; not losing, but not growing either. Some problems you might encounter are:

Who Should Choose Headline Act?

  • Attorneys content with where they are.
  • Attorneys not ready to invest more in
their marketing strategy.

  • Attorneys in the very early stages of their firm.
  • Attorneys who want fast growth.
  • Attorneys who want to focus on their law firm, rather than marketing.

  • Attorneys who want a custom marketing solution to get their firm to the next revenue milestone.
  • Attorneys who understand the value of hiring a Fractional CMO to guide and grow their marketing ROI.

3 Easy Steps to Grow Your Firm

Schedule a FREE Discovery Call

This initial conversation is your opportunity to discuss your current situation and challenges, as well as sharing your business information via our proprietary digital and business assessment tools.

Crafting a Clear Growth Plan

By analyzing the gaps that exist within your business, sales and marketing systems, we outline a clear proposal to build, optimize, and automate your firm's growth engine.

Achieve Consistent Growth

This strategic blueprint will empower you to achieve sustainable success whilst focusing on the day-to-day operations of your firm. Combined with our coaching services, we will keep reaching new milestones together.

Not Sure Where to Start?

If you’d like to learn more about either Headline Act's marketing solutions or Fractional CMO coaching programs, book a FREE consultation call and we’ll see exactly what your firm needs to succeed.

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Informed Lawyers Make Better Decisions

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